Winners of the #USASAshowcase2021 Video Contest

Snowboarding Half Pipe
Snowboarding Half Pipe

USASA just announced the winners of their #USASAshowcase2021 Instagram Video contest. If you haven’t done yet, go to Instagram and search for #USASAshowcase2021 to see some amazing videos, some epic falls and some overall great snowboarding and skiing.

They also put together a fun compilation of some of the best videos:

As for the Winners of the contest:

And honorable mentions:

  • Lys Fedorowczy – Mammoth Unbound
  • Ava Frothinger – Upper Midwest Snow Series
  • Connor Garber – Southern Vermont Series
  • Elyse Byrd – Inland Northwest Series

Congrats to these great athletes. And this is the best half-pipe shot I could find from their compilation:

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