Winners of the #USASAshowcase2021 Video Contest

Snowboarding Half Pipe

USASA just announced the winners of their #USASAshowcase2021 Instagram Video contest. If you haven’t done yet, go to Instagram and search for #USASAshowcase2021 to see some amazing videos, some epic falls and some overall great snowboarding and skiing. They also put together a fun compilation of some of the best videos: As for the Winners… Continue reading Winners of the #USASAshowcase2021 Video Contest

Mt. Rose (Lake Tahoe / Reno) Ski Resort Review

MT. Rose Ski Resort

As you can see from our previous posts, we love to try out new mountains. This time, we will share our experience snowboarding at the Mt. Rose Ski Resort (half away between Reno and North Lake Tahoe). We went there a few days in December/2020 and a few days in Mar/2021. Where to stay to… Continue reading Mt. Rose (Lake Tahoe / Reno) Ski Resort Review

World scariest chair lift?

What’s the world’s scariest chair lift? A friend sent me a link to this Youtube video at Val d’lsere France. Didn’t look so scary. What do you think? Is it the world’s scariest lift (2k upvotes from more than 800k views seem to agree).

Diamond Peak (Lake Tahoe) Review

Diamond Peak Lake Tahoe View

We got a chance to snowboard for a few days at the Diamond Peak Ski Resort in North Tahoe this winter. We had a great time and on this post we will share our experience. Any snowboarding day is a good day. Diamond peak is not a very popular ski resort, so we barely hear… Continue reading Diamond Peak (Lake Tahoe) Review

USASA 2021 Video Contest

USASA 2021 Video Contest

USASA (The Snowboarding and freeski association) is doing a video contest for the 2020-2021 season where competitors can post a 1 min video of their competition clips for a chance to win some good prizes. The benefits for all of us that is if you go to Instagram and follow the #usasashowcase2021 tag you can… Continue reading USASA 2021 Video Contest

Heavenly Mountain Review

Heavenly Mountain View

We went Snowboarding (and skiing) in Heavenly during the first week of April (2021) and this post will summarize our experience and give you some tips on the best places to stay, eat, have fun and optimize your day in the mountains. Best Hotel in Heavenly We have to start with the best place to… Continue reading Heavenly Mountain Review

How To Hit XL Snowboard Jumps and Overcome Fear

Tommie Bennett is probably my favorite snowboard instructor (well, online instructor) and he did a powerful video about extra-large (XL) jumps on your snowboard and how to overcome your fear of the big ones. He broke his back before and has to face his fears himself. We can all relate. 9 minutes that you will… Continue reading How To Hit XL Snowboard Jumps and Overcome Fear

Heavenly – Lifts and runs

Heavenly offers almost 5,000 acres of skiable / ride) area at South Lake Tahoe. In here, you can find info on all their lifts and runs connected to them. For more information on Heavenly, you can read our resort review. California Lodge Aerial Tram (50) Since 1984 Vertical: 1,600 Runs: The Face (Double Black) Takes… Continue reading Heavenly – Lifts and runs