Heavenly – Lifts and runs

Heavenly offers almost 5,000 acres of skiable / ride) area at South Lake Tahoe. In here, you can find info on all their lifts and runs connected to them.

For more information on Heavenly, you can read our resort review.

California Lodge

Aerial Tram (50)

  • Since 1984
  • Vertical: 1,600
  • Runs: The Face (Double Black)
  • Takes you to the Lakeview Lodge, where you can get other lifts to blues and greens. Or you can go down on “the Face”.

Tamarack Lodge

Tamarack Lodge is the area after you go up on the Gondola.

Big Easy (Quad)

  • Since 2003
  • Vertical: 180
  • Runs: Big easy and easy street.
  • Easy green for anyone starting (level Easy Green).

Canyon Express

  • Since 2003
  • Vertical: 1,000
  • Runs: Ridge run and high five (Blues)
  • Ridge run is a very easy blue with a beautiful lake view.

East Peak Lodge

Easy Peak is the mid lodge connecting the Nevada and California side.

Comet Express (Quad)

  • Since 1988
  • Vertical: 3,600
  • Runs: Comet, 49ER, Aries & Little Dipper (Black)
  • This lift allows you to connect the Tamarack lodge with the Nevada side pretty easily. You can go down on some easy blues or Little Dipper (Black run with moguls).

Boulder Lodge (Nevada side)


  • Since 1988
  • Vertical: 450
  • Runs: Boulder bowl
  • Easy green for anyone starting (level Easy Green)

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