Diamond Peak (Lake Tahoe) Review

Diamond Peak Lake Tahoe View
Diamond Peak Lake Tahoe View

We got a chance to snowboard for a few days at the Diamond Peak Ski Resort in North Tahoe this winter. We had a great time and on this post we will share our experience.

Any snowboarding day is a good day.

Diamond peak is not a very popular ski resort, so we barely hear about anyone going in there. It is about 1hr from Reno and located in the beautiful Incline Village. The only hotel close by is the Hyatt, which is a great place to stay in Tahoe.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Diamond Peak is a small, but beautiful ski resort. Only 600 acres, a small parking lot, a few lifts, but some really fun and challenging runs. And the view? Did I mention the view?

It is easier the resort with the most astounding view we ever been. I am not the best photographer, but look at the view you get when you go down the Crystal Ridge run (mid-level Blue):

Just beautiful, as you go down even lower, it gets better:

Diamond Peak Lake Tahoe View
Diamond Peak Lake Tahoe View

Snowboarding at Diamond Peak

Besides the view, the mountain is pretty good. Lots of challenging black runs, many wide blue runs with great views, but nothing more than that. I think there is only one green run (Lodge Pole) that is long enough, but besides that I would say it is an intermediary->advanced type of resort.

We barely saw any snowboarders. I would say that 99% of the people that go there are local to Incline Village and skiers.

The Park at Diamond Peak

As we mentioned, Diamond Peak is a Skiers mountain and their park is very small. They only have a couple of jumps and a few large (or X-large) rails and tubes. Not the most fun if you enjoy the park.

Diamond Peak Pros:

  • Great view
  • No crowds
  • No lines
  • Lots of wide blue runs (if that’s what you enjoy)
  • Lots of challenging black chutes.

Diamond Peak Cons:

  • Skier resort (very few snowboarders)
  • Small park
  • Not ideal for beginners

And that’s it. Would I come back? Absolutely. Would I go there instead of Mountain Rose? Or Squaw valley? Not at all.

I would only go there if you are close to Incline Village and only have a few hours to ride (or Ski) and the other resorts are a bit too far.

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