Dylan Fontneau USASA Southern New England Series

Old Saybrook, CT

Events: 28 2 x Gold 7 x Silver 12 x Bronze

Nationals: 3x Active competitor Active seasons: 1 Locations: 6

2023/2024 season

Place Date Event Location Discipline Division
192024-04-02Group 3 SB Giant Slalom (Nationals)Copper MountainGiant SlalomSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
122024-04-01Group 3 - A SB Slopestyle (Nationals)Copper MountainSlopestyleSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
202024-03-31Group 3 SB Halfpipe (Nationals)Copper MountainHalf PipeSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-03-03SVS HP 3OkemoSVS HP 3Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
1st2024-03-03SVS HP 4OkemoSVS HP 4Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-03-01SVS SS 5OkemoSVS SS 5Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
4th2024-02-25SVS HP 1OkemoSVS HP 1Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
4th2024-02-25SVS HP 2OkemoSVS HP 2Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-02-18Boardercross Ski Cross 2Mount SouthingtonBoardercross / SkicrossSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-02-18Boardercross Ski Cross 1Mount SouthingtonBoardercross / SkicrossSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-02-11SVS SBX and SX 4StrattonBoardercross / SkicrossSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-02-10SVS SBX and SX 3StrattonBoardercross / SkicrossSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-01-28Rail Jam 5Mount SouthingtonRail JamSnowboard 7-10 Boys
1st2024-01-28SlopeStyle 2Mount SouthingtonSlopestyleSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-01-21Rail Jam 3Powder RidgeRail JamSnowboard 7-10 Boys
2nd2024-01-21Rail Jam 4Powder RidgeRail JamSnowboard 7-10 Boys
3rd2024-01-19SVS GS 4BromleyGiant SlalomSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-19SVS SL 3BromleySVS SL 3Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-19SVS GS 3BromleyGiant SlalomSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-19SVS SL 4BromleySVS SL 4Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-01-14SlopeStyle 1Mount SouthingtonSlopestyleSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-12SVS GS 1BromleyGiant SlalomSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-12SVS GS 2BromleyGiant SlalomSnowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
4th2024-01-12SVS SL 2BromleySVS SL 2Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
2nd2024-01-12SVS SL 1BromleySVS SL 1Snowboard Ruggie (7-8) Boys
3rd2024-01-07Rail Jam 2Mount SouthingtonRail JamSnowboard 7-10 Boys
3rd2024-01-07Rail Jam 1Mount SouthingtonRail JamSnowboard 7-10 Boys
4th2024-01-06SVS RJ 1StrattonSVS RJ 1Snowboard 7-10 Boys

Dylan Fontneau

Dylan Fontneau out of Old Saybrook, CT
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