10 Things to do on your first Snowboarding day of the season

My favorite Snowboarding video coaching guy (Tommie Bennett) shared an interesting video with the 10 things to do before you go on the mountain for the first day this season. Most of the things he mentions seems basic, but a great reminder.

To summarize some of the topics if you don’t like watching videos:

  1. Check your gear at home – before you hit the mountains
    • Boots. Do they still work. Try it out.
    • Snowboard (the board). Is it in good shape, do you need to wax it, clean it, do anything?
    • Binders (does it still closes, everything connects). Set it up on your board if not already there. Try the boots and try to put it on.
    • Pants (zippers, pockets, check for holes).
    • Jacket (zippers working)
    • Helmet
    • Goggles.
  2. Check conditions, and terrains. Most mountains might be partially open with some not ideal conditions. Ride at your level and don’t go if you don’t feel it is safe.
  3. Do not bring beginner friends on the first day. Check first before you bring someone that might not be ready. But do bring your experienced friends so it is a fun day.
  4. Focus on the fundamentals. Check your stance, take the time, take slow and get slowly back in shape. Maybe practice switch riding if there are not many runs available.
  5. Be extra careful. Expect many people getting back to it and making silly mistakes that they would not otherwise. Take a defensive ride posture.
  6. Expect icy runs, slushy and bad conditions.
  7. Enjoy the views!! Enjoy the moment!

And those were the key takeaways. Definitely worth to watch the full video.

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